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Welcome to my first Blog!

Updated: Jan 10, 2023

Hi everyone! I have decided to create a blog dedicated to digital product design projects that I have worked on in the past or personal projects that I am working on in the present. Since graduating back in April of this year, I have spent some of my time job searchings, revisiting class projects, and dreaming up new personal projects. I have learned so much in the past year and want to make sure I continue to apply my new knowledge and grow and evolve in the world of digital design.

Revisiting, Rethinking, and Reiterating

I am sure I am not the only design student who has finished a class project and thought “I could have done better,” or “I would like to take this further.”

When finishing my course, I thought there were a couple of projects I would like to go back and take a second look at. There was something I missed or maybe, a better solution that could lead to a more effective result. There are also some cases where I would love to dive a little deeper and take this project to the next level. Some of the early content of this blog will be touching on these exact topics. One project in particular that I wanted to take to the next level which you will see here hopefully soon.

Projects Past and Present

There are a few projects that did not make my portfolio which I plan to feature here. A revisit of the project and going through my thought and design process led to my particular outcomes and conclusions. My next blog will probably be one of these projects, so stay tuned!

I also want this blog page to be a platform for presenting my ideas and exploring my interests. One thing, leading me back to school to study digital design was the direction my career was heading. I have spent over 20 years working as a scientific illustrator creating artwork for the educational publishing industry. As science textbooks transition from the traditional printed book to a digital format, it has opened up new opportunities to redefine what a textbook of tomorrow will look like. It would be interesting to explore some of these possibilities.

That is just one example. There are other interests I have where digital products could come into play. I am hoping to explore some of these in the future too. My career path is still unknown, but I look forward to where this design journey takes me.

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