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Capstone Project

“Promoting transparent and healthy global collaborations to ensure essential projects get the funding and support needed.”


This group project provided me and four other classmates the opportunity to work with Hello xLAB, an experience design agency, on designing a partial prototype for an exciting new business matching platform.


Collaborating in the Time of Covid: A Hello xLAB + Sheridan College Partnership Update

School Connect
“As a student of technical and scientific illustration, I have always had a curiosity for how things work.”


This project was an exercise on observation, visualization, and prototyping. I observed the safety procedures put into place for receiving students at a school at morning drop-offs during times of a pandemic.

Mobile Banking App
“As the industry, I worked for evolved, I felt it was time for myself to evolve and explore new creative design opportunities... Time to iterate and improve!”


This project was about executing an iteration of how I might redesign a banking mobile app based on one single product feature.

bankingH1 copy.png
Data Analysis: Telling a Story
“Life's journey is a collection of data that tells your story. Once you read and understand the data, you can start to fix the problems”

Taking a series of data sets and analyzing them through visualizations to tell a story. Discovering an issue that requires a solution to better the situation.

The Final Sprint...

“Perfection is a distraction—another shiny object taking your attention away from your real priorities.”

~ Jake Knapp


A group project involving myself and two other classmates (Jumana Baker and Nicholas Sarrouh). Identifying a people problem or challenge associated with the idea of scheduling.

sprintH1 copy.png
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