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Banking Mobile App

“Executing an iteration of how I might redesign a banking mobile app based on one product feature.”

People Problem

It is a long process with too many steps when viewing a credit card statement, and then transferring money to pay it using my banking app. I wish to decrease the steps required to view my Visa balance and pay it for people who just want to make a quick and easy transaction. This will result in a more simplified task that takes less time and aggravation.

Current Map Flow
  • Mapping the steps required to view a credit card statement and then paying your credit card bill.

  • Takes up to twelve steps that also include leaving the app to download and view a PDF statement.

Competitive Analysis
  • Taking a look and comparing between two different banking mobile apps performing the same task.

  • The biggest difference is that the competitor's app does allow you to view your credit card statement without leaving the app or downloading a PDF.

  • However, It is still a separate process to view your statement, and then go to pay it. Similar to the other banking app.

Concept Sketches and Wireframes

Low-fidelity concepts: My goal was to reduce the steps by at least half as well as come up with a concept that would allow you to view your credit card statement without having to download a PDF document to your mobile device and open it in a separate app. This started with concept sketches.​

Medium-fidelity wireframes: Once I developed a solution, I then created my first iteration of wireframes and early prototype in FIgma to be tested.

Low-Fidelity Concept Sketches
Proto_Template copy.png
User Testing
User Test Results: Iterations

  • The user would like to see the new balance totals before the final transfer at the verification stage.

  • Users would still like to have a quick view of all transactions made within their statement.


These changes were made in the final high-fidelity prototype.


This is the final prototype after iterations were applied. When testing, I provided this simple Scenario for the user to guide them in the task I wished them to perform, which they were able to do successfully in fewer steps and much less time.


It's time again to pay for that Visa! You have opened your mobile banking app and have signed into your account and are sitting on the home page ready to find out how much money you owe, and then pay your bill.

You will be simply moving money from your chequing account to your Visa and paying that bill.

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