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Remote Design Sprint

For this project, I worked in a group with two other classmates (Jumana Baker and Nicholas Sarrouh) to identify a people problem or challenge associated with the idea of scheduling. How might we reimagine better ways to improve the user experience?

Through a series of sprints, the team planned and executed brainstorming and collaboration sprint sessions. We then documented and designed a prototype for testing.

sprint2 copy.png
People Problem

Since many schools have moved to virtual learning as a result of the pandemic, teachers are finding difficulty connecting with the parents of their students virtually.

It requires a lot of back-and-forths emailing between them to finalize a meeting time.

So, how might teachers inform parents of the need to talk about their child and schedule that meeting easily?

User Flow
  • Establishing a simple user flow indicating the steps we wish to incorporate into the app.

  • Mapping out a more detailed process of tasks required to establish successful scheduling of a meeting between a teacher and a student's parent or guardian. 

Early Draft

​The section of the app that I worked on designing was the login page and teacher profile with class selections. Once a teacher logs in, the idea was brought to a page that lists the grade levels as well as the different classes they teach. This is how they search out a particular student to whom to set up a meeting with parents to discuss.

Design Inspiration

Before working on the medium-fidelity prototype, we looked at a few UI kits and other samples online to give us inspiration moving forward in our design work.

User Testing

Once the prototype was completed, we then worked out a test plan. This was set up on where we were able to test five different educators using the app.

  • 3 out of 5 testers expressed that they would want to use this app right now and have it applied within their schools.

  • All of them were impressed with the quality of the product and enjoyed the layout, design, and iconography.


Changes implemented:

  • Prototyped the search for student function.

  • Prototyped the “Connect” button for the student's parents.

  • Revised icon for the English subject.

Process Work

Throughout the entire three-week sprint, we recorded and organized our progress through a Kanban board. This allowed up to stay on track to make sure we completed all the necessary weekly tasks in a timely manner.


Scenario: In this test, you are a teacher looking to request a meeting with your student's parent or guardian.

Task 1: You received a new meeting request from Sean Connery's parents. Please log in and accept the meeting request.

Task 2: You are the teacher of Samuel Smith who is in your grade 3 science class. You want to schedule a "high urgency" meeting to discuss their progress.

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