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exploded illustration of a human skull

We are committed to collaborating with medical professionals, educators, and communicators to make scientific information accessible and engaging to a diverse audience, and to promote scientific literacy and appreciation for the natural world through our work.

At LifeLine Visuals, our mission is to assist medical professionals, educators, and publishers in communicating complex scientific ideas through visually stunning and informative illustrations.


We are committed to providing high-quality illustration services that accurately and aesthetically represent scientific concepts, medical knowledge, and the natural world, with a focus on enhancing the understanding and education of a diverse audience. Our content editing services are designed to help our clients communicate their ideas clearly and effectively, ensuring that their message is conveyed in a professional and engaging manner.


At LifeLine Visuals, we work closely with our clients to understand their specific needs and goals and tailor our services to meet their exact specifications.


Our goal is to provide a seamless and stress-free experience for our clients, with quick turnaround times and exceptional customer service. Whether you need scientific illustration, content editing, or both, we are committed to helping you bring your vision to life.


© Regional Human Anatomy: A Laboratory Workbook for Use With Models and Prosections - F. Grine

image of a periodontics textbook opened to show an illustration of a tooth implant

© Periodontics - Medicine, Surgery, and Implants - Louis F. Rose, Brian L. Mealey, Robert J. Genco, D. Walter Cohen


Our team has many years of experience
working for one of the top art studios in the
educational publishing industry. Collaborating
with such publishers as Pearson Higher
Education, W.W. Norton, Wiley, MacMillan
Learning, and McGraw-Hill. Here is a
selection of the titles we have been
privileged to work on.

  • BIOLOGY - A Guide To The Natural World -
    Third Edition - Author: David Krogh

  • HUMAN ANATOMY - Third Edition -
    Authors: Marieb/Wilhelm/Mallat

  • PRINCIPLES OF ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE - Inquiry and Applications - Seventh Edition - Authors: William P. Cunningham/Mary Ann Cunningham

  •  BIOLOGY - LIFE ON EARTH - Second Edition -
    Authors: T. Audesirk/G. Audesirk

  • INTRODUCTION TO BOTANY - First Edition - Author: Murray W. Nabors

    - Fifth Edition - Author: Elaine N. Marieb

  • PERIODONTICS - Medicine, Surgery, and Implants - First Edition - Authors: Louis F. Rose/Brian L. Mealey/
    Robert J. Genco/D. Walter Cohen

  • THE HOLMES INSPECTION - Everything You Need to Know Before You Buy or Sell Your Home -
    Author: Mike Holmes

Our Team
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My journey as a scientific illustrator started over 20 years ago. My educational background is in technical illustration, and working in a studio environment with a creative and talented team has taught me so much about visual communication in the world of life sciences.

I take great pride in having created 2D artwork for numerous higher education science texts over the years. My experience has ranged from art development to creating artwork for both print and digital platforms, book cover art, and 2D animations. Education and continued personal development have always been important to me in my life. I recently returned to school for a year to learn digital product design and how digital platforms work with visual education. I am excited about the future of science education and how visuals will continue to play a part in new and evolving digital media.

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I have always had a great appreciation for the written word and the power it has to entertain and educate, inspire and evoke, transport us and test us, revealing worlds and communicating ideas previously unimagined. This keen interest steered my scholastic pursuits which culminated in an Honours Bachelor of Arts as an English Major and a postgraduate Certificate in Publishing. I have subsequently forged a career in the field of educational publishing as an editor and editorial manager that has spanned over 20 years. Working on material focused primarily on the life sciences, I have enjoyed collaborating with incredibly talented and creative minds, producing some truly exceptional products for North America’s leading educational publishers.  



We are committed to collaborating with scientists, educators, and communicators to make scientific information accessible and engaging to a diverse audience, and to promote scientific literacy and appreciation for the natural world through our work.


Art Development

We will work with you to develop artwork to meet your customized needs.


Art Creation

We will create artwork that will fulfill both your print and digital requirements.



Creating incredible infographics, from graphs and charts to complex maps and technical drawings.


Content Editing

Consistency, accuracy, and an understanding of the intended message and target audience.


© All images used on this website are subject to copyright and are the property of their respective owners. These images may not be reproduced, copied, distributed, modified, or used in any other way without the prior written permission of the copyright owner.

Style Sheets
Textbook Cover Design
The Art of Illustration
Multi-media - Passion Project
Population Map
Vector Technical Illustration
Hands-Free Defibrillation
Meniscus repair
Dental Implant
The Sense of Smell
Skull Study
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